This year we welcome back Marcus Bowyer to run Archery, Knife Throwing and Axe Throwing!

We will have targets for standard shooting for the majority of the event and we will be introducing two new events periodically: a clout shoot (long distance), and something called an advancing enemy shoot.

A limited number of bows, arrows, knives, steel axes, and protective gear will be available to learn with and try.

If you do have your own traditional equipment (no compound bows please) and you are willing or wanting to bring it, please do! You will not be asked to lend it out, but if you have your own equipment to shoot, it will allow for more people to shoot and decrease waiting time for equipment. Feel free to bring your own equipment if you have questions about it as well!

Archery Equipment of Your Very Own

If you would like to purchase some basic equipment before the event, the following options are recommended by our event expert:

  • Bow: The Ming Emperor Bow is a solid bow that can be shot left or right handed, is generally period (Eastern) in appearance, durable, and can be shot using Western (Mediterranean) or Eastern (Thumb Draw).
    If you are unsure of the draw weight, 30-35 lb is a good starting place for most people. If you feel you are a particularly strong person, 40-45 lb is a good starting point.
  • Hand Protection: There are two main recommendations, the Nomad Warrior Glove does the job and can be purchased from the same vendor as the recommended bow. Our expert prefers the Hawkwood Bow Glove for himself, which is very durable.
  • Arm Protection: Any basic arm guard will do. The Easton Comfort Flex Arm Guard is very affordable and durable, alternatively, if you have a habit of hitting high up on your arm (near your elbow) or wear loose fitting sleeves, Pulse 4 Strap Archery Arm Guard is a solid option.
  • Arrows: Arrows are the most important part of your gear by a long shot. There is nothing more frustrating that shooting cheap arrows, and nothing more likely to make you want to give up archery. For this event wood or carbon arrows are fine. If you want to shoot with the SCA, wood is required.
    If you are purchasing arrows, make sure they are as closely matched to each other as possible and preferably close to the draw weight of your bow.
    Arrow physics and how it relates to what you should purchase is a long discussion and beyond the scope of this page. Our expert is happy to discuss this topic in greater depth at the event.
  • Knives: The Cold Steel Sure Flight Sport Black is a solid inexpensive option that is nearly indestructible and legal for competitions.

If you have any questions about the recommendations, including (but not limited to) longbow options, carbon shafted arrows, or draw weight, please email Marcus Bowyer.