Will there be bathrooms/showers?

Port-o-potties will be available. Showers will not be provided.

Can we have campfires?

Hopefully, yes. We won’t know for sure until the week before the event – we need a permit from the fire department that they will only issue after confirming the weather.

Can we bring grills?


Can I bring my dog/cat/frog?

Pets are not allowed. Service animals are an exception.

I don’t like camping, where is the nearest hotel?

Google “hotels near 150 martin road, fremont nh.” AirBnB might be a good option too.

Do I have to pay to park?


I need to borrow camp gear.

Ask your club leadership for help. Ask them to ask us if they need help.

Will there be potable water?

We will have some sort of bubbler-equivalent. You should bring a water bottle and your club should plan to bring extra water.

Are spectators allowed? Can they camp?

Day-trip-spectators are welcome to attend the event for free. 

Non-fencer-campers are welcome and pay half-price.

What about rain?

We will do our best to hold as much of the event as possible. Be prepared to shelter under the big-event-tent for periods of time.